This Is Strictly For Entrepreneurs and Brand Marketers Who Want To Reach More Customers And Convert These Customers To Cash In The Bank

How Would You Like A Proven And Tested “Whatsapp Customer Acquisition” System That Can Generate Up To 2000 Paying Customers, Build Trust, Make More Sales & Double Your Profits With Just A One Time Set-Up


Most Entrepreneurs FAIL To Consistently Make Sales In Their Business Because They Don’t Have A Proven System That Continuously Brings In New Customers For Their Business.

This Can Lead To……

  1. Inconsistent Monthly Cash Flow.
  2. Losing Customers Who Did Not Buy Immediately But Could Still Buy In The Future.
  3. Spending Huge Capital On Advertising To Get New Clients When You Could Save That Money Or Use It To Grow Your Business.

The Real Reason Why You Have Inconsistent Sales Is Because… You Have Not  Built A Tested & Proven System That Generates New Customers And Turns Them Into Paying Customers On Autopilot.

That’s why our Automated Whatsapp Messenger Bot make use of the A.I.S Formula that will supercharge your Customer Acquisition & Boost Sales Except you hire BOT Consultants who are good at using BOT to generate qualified LEADS & close SALES faster!

Now this system makes use of a powerful formula called the A.I.S formula that turns total strangers into paying clients in a matter of days using the power of Automated Whatsapp messaging.

This has a potential of skyrocketing your business profits by over 200% and boosting your paying customer base if applied meticulously.

 Our goal is to provide an easy way of using chatbots to help business owners generate more affordable LEADS and close more SALES – automatically.

We have helped other business to generate multiple customers and grow their buyer leads for their business with our simple but effective formula – A.I.S Customer Conversion formula.

Our Hidden Secret:

Acquire    →      Insight  →    Sell

This is a Unique 3-Step Whatsapp Bot Formula we discovered after we got tired of losing over $2,000+ on Facebook Ads and Whatsapp Chatbot.

We stumbled on this proven A.I.S Accelerated Results Formula when running a successful campaign for a client.

……and today we have generated over N5,000,000 in sales for our clients using this same strategy.

We Took The Formula And Used It For Another Client And It Worked Like Magic…

Leads and Sales are ALWAYS pouring in anytime we use it…

THE FORMULA is built around Social Proof, Consumer Psychology and Sales Boosting Strategies…


We hope you can keep up with the leads and sales your Chatbot will give to you!

Automated Whatsapp Messenger Bots Chatbots will work for you, if you’re in the business of bringing in new customers and clients, regardless of your type of business. For Example…

Real Estate:

Get Qualified Buyer Leads & Sell More Properties.


Engage With Buyers & Sell More Products.

Small Business

Follow Up With Prospects & Get More Customers.

Multi Level Marketing

Recruit Easily, Sell Faster & Get More Commissions.

Agency/ Freelancer

Generate Leads & Get More High Paying Clients.

Digital Products:

Sell More Products & Reduce Your Expenses.

Coaching & Consulting:

Book More Appointments & Make More Money.

Now with all these objectives, you are convinced that Whatsapp Messenger Bots is the right way to go for your business.

…But Why Whatsapp?

Whatsapp has over 1.2 billion active users worldwide and it has been recorded that the average person checks his whatsapp inbox 23 times a day.

With this level of attention I’m sure you would be interested in leveraging the power of Whatsapp for acquiring new Profitable leads and skyrocketing your business profits.

If interested in getting a “Done For You” automated Whatsapp Messenger set up for your business, then you are in the right place.

Welcome to…

A top service platform that links you up with top quality developers that can help you create a highly automated Whatsapp Messenger Bot Platform that does nothing but attract Profitable business leads and triple the sales of your business.

Through this platform we will help you create a highly profitable Whatsapp Messenger Chatbot and use our secret “A.I.S Customer Conversion Formula” To Get More LEADS & Close SALES Automatically for your business (& your clients).

This program is built around the concept of leverage – the ability to accomplish great things with little effort

This is a fact..
Whatsapp Messenger Chatbots Are Powerful Leads Generating & Sales Tool…!
Once We Help You  Build Your First Whatsapp Messenger  Chatbot With “A.I.S Customer Conversion Formula”,“ Be Prepared For A Series Of Leads & Payment Alerts!

Now How Are We Going To Help You Skyrocket Your Profits By Using Our Service?


We will help you set up an automated Whatsapp Messenger Bot sequence that does all the work of marketing your business to prospective customers.

This service will take care of your follow up, customer service and brand awareness activities.



We won’t just help your business attract leads. Using our A.I.S Customer Conversion Formula (Acquire… Insight ….Sell) we will help you gain the trust of your prospects, showing them why you are the best company to do business with.


This Customer Conversion Formula will help you convert total strangers into high paying customers on autopilot.



With the application of all these strategies, watch your orders and sales double in as little as 2 days after this sequence is implemented.

With this sales is steady and Consistent alongside your business cash flow.


Below is an automated whatsapp messenger bot we created for a Multilevel Marketing Business that sells airtime, data and pay cable TVs subscription. You can test it out for yourself to have a feel of what we can implement for your business.



Now How Do You Get Started With The Setup Of The Whatsapp Messenger Bots For Your Business?

Now to get started with the setup we offer four DFY packages for Entrepreneurs and Business owners.


(For Entrepreneurs and Brand Marketers)

With this package, we will help you handle your set up from A-Z and also help implement the A.I.S Customer Conversion Formula to help you convert new prospects into paying customers that boost your business profits.





1 Year Money Back Guarantee:

Unbelievable right? We believe in our automated whatsapp messenger setup and it will transform your business into a cash pulling machine after implementation

Use this  automated whatsapp messenger setup for a full 1 Year and if you follow through and still DIDN’T GET ANY RESULTS or DON’T MAKE MORE THAN THE MONEY YOU PAID. Ask for your money back!

All you have to do is provide proof that you’ve made a reasonable effort. Then, simply contact us and your entire purchase price will be promptly refunded.

Don’t Worry…

When you get refunded, YOU will be allowed to keep the setup and all the bonuses

Where Else Can You Find That Kind Of Guarantee?


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